Mindful Accessories

Are you seeking ways to reduce stress, increase focus, or add mindfulness to your daily routine? Look no further than our collection of mindful accessories, which offers everything you need to construct a serene sanctuary. Use our white sage stick to remove negative energy and prepare for meditation, and the lavender eye pillow for a relaxing experience.

Soothing Eye Pillow

Experience a heightened sense of calmness, reduced stress, and a better night's sleep with our Lavender Eye Pillow.

Onanea Lavender Eye Pillow

Natural Filling

Filled with premium flaxseed and dried lavender.

Cotton Cover

Soft, breathable cotton cover that's gentle on the skin.

Unzippable Cover

The cover can be easily removed by unzipping it, and it's machine-washable.


Experience a deeper state of relaxation with the calming scent of lavender.


Sage Away Negative Energy

White sage (Salvia apiana) has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, making it an effective air purifier.
By dispelling negative energy in your home or on objects, burning white sage provides energetic cleansing.
Unlock the full potential of your crystals by cleansing them with white sage.
Burning white sage can provide a sense of wisdom and clarity, and increase spiritual awareness, which can help enhance intuition.

We Pursue Wellness

ONANEA comes from the Hawaiian word "Ho'onānea," which means "at ease" or "to relax."
We strive to help our customers achieve a sense of calmness by offering products that support relaxation and soothe the mind. Our goal is to promote mental health and well-being, and ultimately contribute to a happier, stress-free world. We take pleasure in providing you with our products, and we welcome any inquiries or feedback you may have.

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