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    We are a small business located in Australia with a mission to promote wellness and mindfulness. Our belief is that a happier world begins with each individual, so we offer high-quality products and resources to help you reconnect with your inner self, heal, and grow. Our selection includes beautifully-crafted meditation cushions and mats, mindful accessories, portable ice baths, and Reiki healing sessions. Join us on a journey towards a fully nourished self!

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    Shop Onanea's products
    Shop Onanea's products
    Onanea lavender eye pillow
    Lavender Eye Pillow
    $15.00 USD View Product
    White Sage Stick
    California White Sage Stick
    $8.00 USD View Product
    ONANEA Meditation Cushion
    Velvet Meditation Cushion
    $53.00 USD $42.00 USD View Product
    ONANEA Velvet Zabuton Mat
    Velvet Meditation Mat
    $63.00 USD $50.00 USD View Product
    Meditation Cushion and Mat Set
    Velvet Meditation Cushion & Mat Set
    $102.00 USD $82.00 USD View Product
    Man taking an ice bath
    Portable Ice Bath
    $131.00 USD $105.00 USD View Product
    New Arrival

    Take the Cold Plunge

    Discover the incredible benefits of taking an ice bath, including increased blood circulation, decreased muscle soreness, faster post-workout recovery, reduced inflammation, improved mental clarity, and a revitalized, healthy body.

    Woman entering portable ice bath
    Woman in portable ice bath
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    We are proudly female and Australian-owned

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    Our collections of wellness and mindfulness products are perfect for those seeking a serene and purposeful lifestyle. We offer a variety of items including meditation props, mindful accessories, and even portable ice baths to support your journey towards well-being.

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